Amateur Critics at Their Finest

Hello Folks,

This is officially my first Word Press post ever, so cut me some slack…Nah, who am I kidding? The world is full of amateur critics.
I myself am an amateur critic. What I mean by that is, whatever entertainment I am a part of (spectator on my part) I either write, broadcast, (to my friends LOL) or” Tweet”  my opinion(s) on the quality of things, what I felt happened or why it happened (in sports events) and so forth. I feel like most everybody in the Internet World today, LOVE to do the same. Most of the time NEGATIVE thoughts are brought forth, because who doesn’t love to point out negative things? This is honestly the world of sports spectating, and analyzing today. All of the Major sports websites that I myself go to (ESPN, Profootballtalk, NBA, MLB, etc) usaully are posting on things they KNOW will get a huge comment base of negative thoughts. Never will you see “Packers pursuing best starts since the 60’s” Instead it’s “Packers cut it close with Bucs”
Why is that?  Because that’s what gets the reactions! When Tim Tebow had yet ANOTHER comeback win (last week against the chargers) The next day, there wasn’t a post on ESPN about his victory, the execution of it all, or praise of the drive summary; Instead you see “Elway Not Set on Tebow For Future”  Then you proceed to read through the thousands of comments about how terrible Tebow is, how he can’t throw the ball, how he isn’t a pro quarterback, and how he is a joke. Followed by a few comments in between, contradicting those thoughts, and so on , and so forth. The more you hate on a WINNING quarterback, the more negativity you bring up, the more the  hype.

Still don’t believe me? Let me bring up ONE name for you and FORCE you to sigh, whether you like it or not. Ready? Here it is…
BRETT FAVRE. Told you; And no, he is not un-retiring. Annoyed yet? thought so. All a sports columnist has to bring up to immediately agitate, and get readers going is the B word. It might as well be censored by the damn FCC. Brett Favre is a media MACHINE. All ESPN has to do on a slow day, is get one of their most boring writers to put up a “Favre coming back” headline, with a short video (possibly with his wranglers commercial beforehand) of Favre in a Vikings jersey, and they are guaranteed to have at least a couple hundred bitter Packers fans on that post within 5 minutes. Forget the fact the man , a once worshiped 3 time mvp, who holds every virtual career record in the NFL since his years in Green Bay. Forget the Gutsy perfomances, the 400+ yards the day after his dad died, the 300+ yards with a broken thumb, forget the starts streak and being IRON MAN of the NFL, forget it all; Nobody cares about that! Only true fans who have watched sports for 15+ years care about the enjoyment of watching that man play, the enjoyment of LOVING TO HATE the guy because their team was toasted by a  quarterback who threw 3 interceptions in the first half, only to throw 4 td’s in the second for a comeback victory. The present day fans care about the enjoyment of ROASTING a once NFL great over message boards, and comments on headlines for attention, NOW THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT.

In the world where we can say ANYTHING on the internet, it is much more fun to say terribly mean things about an athlete, and hate him for no reason, than to praise him for the good. THAT takes effort, and most of all a little bit of knowledge…and let’s be honest, who takes the time to watch a FULL game anymore when you can go to the NFL website to watch the highlights. Right? … Sense the sarcasm? Writers knowing this, take the easy way out, they feed the fire. They chop up a popular sports figure, and throw em’ to the dogs. They set up the hate party, and once it starts it’s usually never ending. Similar to a Charlie Sheen party.

Get my point? Next time you are on a website, mostly ESPN…Browse a little, read the headlines, take note of this. Tell me what you think. I think you’ll be surprised as to how much you will notice.