Luck over Manning? Seriously?

Ok look,

There are a lot of things that get me hot and bothered, and then there are things that infuriate me as a sports fan. One is any time someone talks bad about Brett Favre; another is when people try to compare Brady’s rings, to Mannings stats. (Don’t even get into it with me, that’s for another post)
The most recent one is all this nonsense talk about Peyton Manning being traded. People seem to think that the logical thing to do is to throw Manning to another team, get a 1st round pick out of him, and draft Andrew Luck. I mean Andrew Luck is at the level of Manning right? Seriously… c’mon! The guys old what does he have left anyway? Coming off this neck injury, has got to have slowed him down a little wouldn’t ya think?

Listen people; let me nail this into your brain real quick. This should be the last time that Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck should be put in the same sentence. So for the sake of pursuing that very thought, I’m going to refer to Andrew Luck as “that young guy” for the rest of this post, because….well….quite frankly he deserves nothing more.
Peyton Manning last year, with a “mysterious lack of velocity” to his throwing arm, threw for 4,700 yards, and 33 touchdowns. Extending his streak of “4,000 yard seasons” to 8. This stat alone, is enough to never compare a Senior in college to the great Peyton Manning. A 3 time Pro Bowler, Superbowl MVP Quarterback, who has had 6, 12+ win seasons in the NFL and has carried a team since 1997 does not deserve to be kicked to the curb like this.

Yes, I believe Andrew Luck will be a great NFL quarterback, No I do not think he can play at the level of Peyton Manning (possibly ever) and no I do not think a possibly winless NFL team is better off with a rookie quarterback, what world are you guys living in!?
This team was a playoff team a year ago, with Peyton Manning under center, they add defensive firepower, lose virtually no one, except for their star quarterback and they are winless. Somehow in the midst of this, Manning is the one being roasted? Why was no one talking about his age last year when he was doing the “manning thing” and shredding defenses like usual? Why was there no speculation, or skepticism last off season, when Peyton Manning missed Pre-Season games due to multiple off-season surgeries?

Don’t get me wrong folks; I feel the hype of “that young guy” too. I see the size, the mobility, the sweet ball he throws, right in the bread basket. I see all of this, as you all do. But to think if Peyton Manning is ready to do, with his mindset, with his competitiveness, and with his offensive structure he brings to the table that the team he did so much for would trade him away for a rookie? That is stomach turning. It’s truly sad to see how unloyal NFL organizations, and fans are these days. It’s sickening to see so many fans forget about a guy like Peyton. Maybe it will take him participating in “dancing with the stars” and doing his common commercials for people to be reminded that Peyton is still here. But I have a hunch, that one of the most passionate competitors that this league has ever seen, will be right back into form next year. With “that young guy” behind him or not, in a Colts uniform.